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How to Setup your Asterisk Phone and use it! The Phone works the exact same ways is a normal phone the only difference is its using the internet instead of the standard phone line also another difference might be that its running on your PC unless you purchased a IP based phone.

In this tutorial I refer to Softphones “Softphones are phones that run on your computer notice the name soft= software.” I also mention Hardware phones “a Hardware phone is not installed onto your computer it’s the same type as phone you use at work or at home to make any normal phone call.”

I my self will try to support and setup any soft or hardware phone that you want to use! In the tutorial I will go over SJphone and Xlight phone. These are the 2 most common software phones available free also I know they work with Asterisk!

Little info about all this stuff! I promise its not going to be technical and confusing!
Their are several hardware phones that work with Asterisk I have only delt with Polycom and Cisco phones. I have setup hundreds of these phones at work and I’m looking at purchasing a either a Polycom IP phone or IP based cell phone my self.
These phones cost any were from $40 – $2, 000 depending on what features and how much junk you want to play with. Personally the Asterisk system can handle any thing the phones have including e-mail, faxing, and much much more.
Also several Cell phones support VOIP. How does that work? Well easy you pretty much use 2 carriers lets say your cell phone is Voip/ IP equipped and your carrier is Verizon. Well when you are not near a internet connection ” Wireless Internet Like the kind you may have in your house” it will use the Verizon phone towers. But when you in range of a FREE Wireless Internet connection it will connect to the Internet and then establish a connection with the Asterisk Server. The phone will then send every call that you make threw the internet.
Ok so how many free Wireless Internet places are their? ALLOT most McDonalds, All Starbucks at least that I have seen, some wallmarts, and more have wireless internet for any one to use at any time. What does this mean for me? Well lets say you want to call MOM and your in a Wallmart and the Wallmart offers free Wireless Internet. All you do is pick up your cell phone and dial her phone number like you would normally. Instead of the call going threw the Verizon Tower it goes threw the internet to the Asterisk system the system then checks to see if her soft phone is running. If her softphone is running on her pc it will ring on her end if she does not pick up it will ask Do you want to leave a message or dial her Home number. If you choose to dial her home number it will then ring on her normal phone. What if her Softphone is not running then it will go directly to her normal phone or even her Cell Phone. What will this do for me? Well when you are around a Wireless Internet your calls will be free and will not take any of your minutes since its going out the internet instead of Verizons cell towers; and MOM the call will be free to her since its not a collect call and she’s the one receiving the call.


These Instructions are a Rough draft of what’s soon to come I am working on the instructions and documentation at the same time of the server!

SJphone Real Basic Instructions I will be updating them and modifying them latter when the system goes fully live!
To get the SJphone, Port Numbers, and Address to connect to log into the forum and click on Asterisk!
This Instructions is a basic Quick reference/ Quick install the more detailed information is locked in the forum
This is due to security and the safety of our information.
Once you download the latest edition of SJphone click on the install package and follow the default prompts all the way threw when you reach the end choose to run SJphone Now!
Now when the phone is up their is a black display area RIGHT CLICK on it and go to options. Now click Profiles, we want to click NEW Profile Name type Asterisk Profile Type leave default Calls through SIP Proxy
Now click OK Now we want to click on SIP Proxy and fill in the information you got from Eric or the forum. Now click OK.
Now you will have a Account and Password box please enter the information that I sent you and click OK.
Now the Black display should say Registering and Registering as. Soon it should connect and your on your way!

XLight Real Basic Instructions I will be updating them and modifying them latter when the system goes fully live!
I am still writing the rough draft of these!

Features and Codes to use them

Feature Option’s
Call Forwarding Activate *72
Call Forwarding Deactivate *73
Call Waiting Activate *70
Call Waiting Deactivate *71
Do Not Disturb Activate *78
Do Not Disturb Deactivate *79
Trace Call *69
Directory 700
Whats my Phone Extention Number *65
What time is it *60
setup speed dial *75
Use speeddial *0
Voice Mail from another phone *98 “requires password”
Voice Mail from your phone *97 “requires password”
Wakeup Call *62
Weather Report 611 “Need your Local Airport Code”
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