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Anti Virus (these are even Free)
AVG- it was voted #1 Best Free AntiVirus.
Avast- This is a GOOD ONE!!!
Avira- I have not tried this one but it was voted #2 Best Free AntiVirus.Zone Alarm-
Instructions on getting a free zone alarm Basic Firewall. Click on Zone Alarm then on the right side of the page click download, of course their going to try to get you to download the trial so you will pay for it DONT CHOOSE THAT ONE!!!, on the right side of the screen were it says Get Basic PC Protection, Basic Firewall Only, click on ZoneAlarm- Firewall. The link below is the direct link to the download This link is for the version of the date of 11/8/2007 if it is 2 months past this date go to the website and follow the instructions above.

SPAM Filter (these are even Free)
Spamihilator works between your E-Mail client and the Internet and examines every incoming E-Mail. Useless spam mails (Junk) will be filtered out. This process runs completely in the background.

WebSite Browsers (these are even Free)

Chat Programs (these are even Free)
Theirs 2 kinds of MSN and Yahoo Messenger Either a Downloaded one or a Web one. The Web one you don’t need to install any software on your PC it uses a website to chat to your friends the NON-Web one You got to download software to your PC. Yahoos website lists the web and non-web while MSN has 2 different sites.
Download Program MSN
Web-based MSN
ICQ Be prepared for a long download.

TV Shows and Entertainment
Watch South Park Shows online
Watch American Dad Online
Watch Family Guy Online

Learn webdesign or at least the basics. (FOR FREE!)
I encourage every one to learn webdesign or at least the basics! if you wish to learn basic html a great site that teaches you that is below and its free!! It teaches by hands on and explaining it each lesson takes about 2-5 minutes and a complete basic webdesign can be learned in about 1-3 hours. If you enjoy it continue to the little more advanced items and become a basic designer you might even be able to make money doing this if you take the time at learning it.

Comunity Links:
Minot, ND
Minot Classifieds
Minot Classified- also known as Minot Classifieds. You can Sell, Trade, and search for items that people are selling around the Minot, North Dakota area.

Other Links:
Dont want to pay for expensive work from home or remote my computer from home software like gotomypc! Then dont and use a FREE Version called Log Me IN. Check it out!
Simply Connected Log Me In

Web Design and Hosting Company.
GoNDBusiensses even offers free web hosting for NONE-Profit Organizations.

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